Thursday, June 20, 2013


     Goodbye to I.

     It is the last career move in a million years that I never thought I’d find myself doing. My artist life is something that a lot of my friends admire and fell in love with - the mystery, the drama, and the angst. But hey, it’s all to keep the opera rolling along while I indulge myself in my craft.

     Then someone stop the music, literally.

     Without an aria to deliver my creative tension, I am like a dinghy floating without a sail. Art making suddenly feels like a joke and I couldn’t even come up with a punch line. It’s like clinging on to reality that’s not really even there. You’re on a stage building your audience but the curtain is going down and then you hear a whisper saying. “Keep on”. Change your thoughts and you change the world.

     Sometimes we cannot leave our comfort zone until we know the reason why we should and we can’t always be wherever we want to be either so for now I think the best way to survive is to go on and keep creating, a painting, a drawing, or maybe even plant a seed in a pot. It doesn’t matter what you do but you just have to keep on going so you can prove to yourself and to other people that they didn’t get into you and you’re still around - to create something beautiful and be able to create something a little bit more.

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