Friday, June 7, 2013


     I know I have it but I never really knew what it is, what that thing is? But I just let it happen, that stuff in my head that makes me creative, makes me see things, and dream of images that are actually going on in another person’s life; the way they think, the way they daydream.

     I feel very fortunate to have a part of my day spending a visual life. Even if it takes an extra amount of time to paint and work on a canvas. It’s not an easy task, you have to fall in love with it and let yourself be seduced a little bit everyday. It’s not just talent exclusive to a chosen few because it’s more of a job but the real joy of it all is having half a day engaged in a world totally different from what is real. It’s another way out from being part of the mundane because it allows you to see more and enjoy that moment of creation. But I’m not special; I don’t dream a thousand images. I only see two or three and that makes it easier for me to paint. My limited imagination is a big plus and it helps me refine, transform and express what little I knew and surface with a better work of art. Because like any creative person out there, we all go to school, we get lost out there, bombarded and feed with different things and as we grow older and better, all these things get narrow and narrow.

     So if you want to create a work of art, you don’t have to have all the other stuff. You approach it in the simplest way you can. So you do not make it so passionate enough and just express that moment enough for it to come out - beautiful.

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