Monday, May 28, 2012

seduced ( acrylic on paper )

*personal collection
     My nights are becoming heady and my days unattractive. I think I’m turning into an owl with sleep disorder but it would be nice if I end up as a nocturnal superhero like Batman perhaps.

     After being plagued by unpleasant events and overtaken by other people’s anger, my past weeks were washed over by waves of depression. Yesterday though was a breath of fresh air when a couple of friends came over for drawing lessons. I’ve always wanted to do something with a sense of purpose for a change and sharing my knowledge and skills was just what I needed for a fix. It was a rather rapid offering of Ghirlandaio’s theories in charcoal on paper but my friends were pleased by what they learned nonetheless. Even though it lasted for only a little less than an hour it was in a way a perfect chance for me to rearrange my thoughts and add a positive effect on my mood. I seduced my students with my old world charm and in return, my friend Cyrus, reciprocated my good deed with a jar of guava jam from Sagada.

      It’s been my habit to be in sad danger of dislocating myself from people who keep me going. But now I‘m sticking to my program and I will never disappear into oblivion from people whose interest and respect helped me unfold the picture that my heart wishes to see.

     I will never move to the blue period and allow a shadow to unveil itself again. I am calmer now and I will paint the way I feel and I shall be whole.

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