Thursday, May 24, 2012

linked ( gouache on paper )

     Aside from the marathon, oversleeping is one of my favourite sports. It’s almost lunchtime and I’ve been up for just under an hour. I can smell my neighbor’s kitchen starting to get busy. The birds on that small banyan tree are coming alive again. The sun has begun to cut its bluish shadow across the kitchen wall in front of me. But I’ll just sit here drinking my coffee and daydream for another few minutes.

     I wonder what song those tweeters are singing. Are they like artists too who have a hidden language of colours and shapes? Maybe the sound of my voice is so alien to them. But I hope they understand that we are linked to each other and that everything is connected to everything else. I never get tired listening to them, they keep me reasonably sane the rest of the morning until finally they become silent and in their place I hear an even noisier kid prepping up for a bath. This how I get my inspiration and balance, to silently listen to life’s simple pleasures.


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