Wednesday, August 15, 2012


     Anyone can be an artist but not everyone can do it well. The former always ends up with a feeling of uncertainty, worthlessness and frustration like an old door closing on dreams. While on the other hand, the natural born artist walks over the rainbow and collects buckets of thoughtful visions.

     Insecurity is an old wound; it’s what keeps dreamer artists feeling inadequate for weeks and end. It drowns you until you can no longer shake the feeling off. You sank with these feelings and realize that you need to be friendly with your creative self. You shift and look at yourself in another light. You resurface.

     But there are also artists who choose to work deep in the shadows, scared of the fame and moneyed grins of collectors. These are artists whose work shine the brightest. They paint untainted, pure and strong testaments of what they have seen and experienced in a world far away from the gates of artificial light. Brave individuals who are willing to embrace nothingness, not to be pitied and undermined, but always come up with something so brilliant and worthy to fill in that empty frame. They are artists who don’t keep their works guarded, withdrawn and locked up in some Pandora’s box.

     In their fold, one message remains the same: You are not good enough the way you are. Because even in the darkest of shadows there is always a crack in almost everything and that’s how the light gets in.

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