Friday, July 20, 2012

tucked [ chalk pastel on paper ]

     Lying in my bed on a rather rainy weekend tucked under the warmth of fresh linens and comforter. A good book in hand, above me is my incandescent sky, before me is a picture perfect landscape in the pages of alphabets.   

     I want to be alone today. Friends are silent today. So the characters in the book are filling the places where there should be hours of friend’s laughter. I arch my back on a pillow to get a view of the falling rain behind that sheer curtain. I am in a moment and I feel alone. I hear a faint song coming from somewhere filling me and fading. I wonder how it would feel to fade out with a song.

     I love how the pages of a book turn until you can no longer hold it and the cover closes by itself. It’s like a life story begins because another one pass. I always get lost in a moment like this, a moment of nothingness that most of us fear but we are forever in its presence.

     The rain, the warm bed, the fading song, the pages of the book and the impermanence…nothing has ever looked and feels so beautiful.

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